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I feel like doing an update..

..although I'm not sure exactly where this will lead.

I had a nice bank holiday weekend where I played computer games and got little sleep in the company of others doing the same. When I got back I felt the most like myself for a long time, which was very nice :)

Things seem to be settling into something which seems to work better. This is a Good Thing™. It's meant that I've been able to spend time with kissycat1000 more when I choose to. This fact alone seems to have made marked improvements :)

I went around there on the Monday night after getting back from LANing because we'd got back at a reasonable time. Spent some nice relaxing time together :) Watched The Matrix Reloaded on Wednesday which was also fun. Tonight kissycat1000's friend Ruth is visiting as she is kid and boyfriend free for the weekend so a chance for some nice social kickback I think :)

Last night I went out on a staff social to have a meal and play pool. I did reasonably at pool despite it being American pool but made my excuses and left to fix another disk problem on The Beast. It turned out to be a problem with the second power supply, so I've exchanged it again and let the array reconstruct itself overnight. It seems to be well again, but it was quite stressful and I was very tired and still am today.

Work is fairly OK, perl to database work. Can't get hold of boss-man, so I'm taking it easy and refusing to be rushed. Everything needs to be done last week, it always does, but in the end it never seems to be THAT problematic if it's a couple of weeks late. Not that I ever deliver anything late, just that I refuse to work to rediculous timescales that see me working flat out just to make them.

And now I think I will do some more research for applications that need setting up on The Beast.

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