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A few things

Yesterday day I didn't make it into work. Felt grotty and just not like going in. So I didn't. Went to the LargeOne's for geekiness which was fun, on the bike which was also fun, but got wet on the way back which was less fun.

The rest of the day I spent swapping harddisks for quieter versions and rebuilding computers. Her FTP server is physically set up but just needs files moving around and permissions set up, oh, and the dynamic DNS client installed (whoops). dylan, you must hear the computers now. I need to do the final securing mechanism but I think you'll be impressed regardless :)

In the evening kissycat1000 and I spent time hunting in the house and on the internet respectively for nokia unlocking software. All rather frustrating but finally managed to find it (in the house). Unlocked her 3310 which I am borrowing. What a blessed relief. Battery life of more than 2 days, less big and chunky, predictive text and a screen you don't have to thump to get working. Must exchange old company phone with smashed screen *sheepish grin*.

Am also secretly pleased with the quick customisations I did to the phone too, but *shhhh* don't tell kissycat1000 *grin*. Seriously though I think the improved ease of use factor has really helped my opinion of having a mobile phone, on top of the fact it's free-ish.

I've got some good news about someone who is afk for a few days that I want to tell you but I haven't had permission to yet.. but what a blessed relief :)

In other news I suspect I'm still depressed, but in a different manner. Now I've mostly got over the obvious unsocial side of things I'm still burying myself in anti-social geeking activities and generally avoiding dealing with real life. I'll have to face up to it soon, but I think I'll make an attempt after the weekend. Hopefully the weekend will be some sort of catharsis for me :)

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