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Don't want to be here, can't be arsed to work, don't want to be here, can't be arsed to work.

I had written a long and boring diatribe about my affairs with Oxfordshire County Council's Parking department but it's boring, so I deleted it. Here is the abridged version:

Did loads of admin-type things today which always puts me in a bad mood. Finally paid that parking fine - nearly a year ago - can you believe it diffrentcolours? They rejected my appeal and also refused to allow me to pay the discounted rate because of misinformation. Bastards. Can't be arsed with them any more, so I gave them their 40 stinking pounds (of flesh). I hate being bullied. If I didn't have so much to lose and better things to do I'd fight them all the way.

I HATE the law and the way it's applied. The nanny state has gone too far with it's bloody legislation. I think there should be a law that bans over-legislation (don't you love the irony?), and someone you can just take a legal problem to and have them throw it out for being patently rediculous.

I'd love to see self-regulation and police doing police things face to face. If they catch you doing something stupid then it's a fair cop guv'nor. Otherwise leave us the hell alone. What's wrong with a polite note saying don't park here again, for example? If they find the person coming back, THEN do nasty things to them.

Okay, this turned out to be a slightly different diatribe but at least it's a bit more interesting, hopefully.

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