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The weekend

Lordy, where do I start? Well the beginning sounds like a good place. No in fact the end sounds better :) I'm sat here with my fingers covered in grease and dirt, a beer in my hand (figuratively :p), I'm pretty knackered. I guess I feel fairly drained.

It all started on Friday I guess. I was supposed to be roleplaying but it got cancelled due to one of our number falling foul of the dreaded influenza. So what with Dylan popping round and me being tired as I mentioned in an earlier post, I didn't get out to the Mitch Benn comedy night, which was a shame.

Saturday I busied myself finishing off sorting out the section of the FTP site I'm working on as well as finishing off the PC for my Mum's lodger Shirley, who was due round at lunchtime-ish with her boyfriend (and son as it turned out). I now have a (smallish) cheque sitting in my wallet ready to go into the bank to be swallowed up in the immense overdraft thingy I seem to have accrued.

Burney came round to be sociable and I was sorting out Jon's machine downstairs so we could play Diablo II across the network (Jon'd freshly rebuilt it with XP). I then came upstairs and went online to discover kissycat1000 had txt'd me and wanted to talk to me. She had made a breakthrough in sorting things out and needed to discuss it with me. We talked online for a while, the conversation being calm and collected.

Later on that evening however I got a txt and the doorbell rung. I somehow KNEW it wasn't the pizza we had ordered, and lo and behold there she was in the doorway. Turns out she'd blown a radiator hose in her car getting down. She had originally set out to have a drive to sort her head out and ended up driving down. She never intended on staying but the car was kind of screwed, so she did.

I've spent most of the day trying to sort it out, but failed, as she ended up overheating on the way out of Bristol. I ended up going up there and towing her back to mine, where her car now sits. Being towed is something she's REALLY not happy about doing. I drove her back home and organised with Rob for them to come down on Wednesday morning to fix/pick it up. I'm going to replace the bust hoses on it in the mean time to speed them up.

A tiring stressful weekend, with the unexpected delight of kissycat1000 staying. I just hope she manages to sort things out and isn't as stressed as I left her.

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