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I got back the *second* replacement harddrive today, plugged it in, started the RAID5 syncing and... *poof*. Another HDD fails. It's another one of the old ones, but this is making me suspicious. I unplugged half the HDDs and one controller to see if it still failed using the diagnostic tool and it did, so any damage is permanent.

Later, I did some calculations and I must admit the max power requirements are pretty close to the power specs of the 350W power supply, calculating separately for the 3.3v+5v and 12v supplies.. I will have to take Dan up on his offer of individual HDD power supplies. The air coming out of the power supply isn't even warm though. *sigh*.

I've got another RMA in the works, advance replacement again.

stuartl, I think I want to fill in your poll again. *sigh*.

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