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Catchup, and... the Beast!

Hmm, lessee.. Thursday I did some vaguely work shaped things at kissycat1000's and also played around more with the beast. I also went into town and got some bits and pieces to give me the ability to charge up my bike's battery without taking it out or leaving the saddle off to attach the charging clips, and also without having to leave the charger itself outside. Go me! No more flat batteries, jump starts or anything for me!

Thursday was a good productive day :)

Today was slightly less good; my mum called and I gave her an update. Without meaning to she always manages to make me feel like I should be doing better and this put me on a downer for the next few hours. Still, I finished playing with the beast and started to create the RAID-5 array only to discover yet another of the disks is faulty! This is likely the one that became faulty causing corruption of a lot of the original data, so in a way I'm glad I've caught it. I ran the diagnostic tests on it, got an RMA number and used a credit card to get an advance shipment to speed things up a bit. I should have the new drive by the middle of next week :)

But.. I took some pictures of the Beast on Thursday. I've fiddled some more with it since then, replacing some cable ties and jiggling around the top 4 HDDs to allow the case to close properly. Here are some annotated diagrams for your enjoyment :)

It's bloody noisy, comparable to running a vacuum cleaner in the same room. Sounds identical to a noisy server room. Which is useful sometimes when work call me up ;)

For those geeks amongst you, here are the specs:

1x P-III 733MHz with 133MHz FSB
1x Gigabyte i815 motherboard
2x Promise ATA 133 controllers
1x Inter EtherExpress 100 Pro network card
8x Maxtor 160GB HDDs (mixed 5,400 and 7,200 rpm drives due to availability)
1x Quantum Fireball 6GB HDD for boot
1x Antiquated technology (which actually came in useful for the HDD diagnostic tool)

It's running debian 3.0 linux 2.4.20 kernel, will have samba for local windows network access. I'm not sure whether to put the FTP server on that machine directly or run it on the firewall and have it mount the drives across the network for internet access.. any suggestions? FYI the gateway machine is a Celeron 300 on a 1Mb cable modem also running debian 3.0 with NAT and traffic shaping, SSH.

Anyway I'd better wrap this up as kissycat1000 has already gone out to pick up uberredfraggle from the station. She's staying here and going with us to see purrthecat and jessie_pup before we go on to whotheheckami's birthday bash *grin*. Getting all excited about that! :D

UPDATE: Oh, and kissycat1000 made me get a paid account! I haven't actually had a chance to update icons and what have you but rest assured more variety will be forthcoming :)

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