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Last night

Last night for me saw me as a gibbering pile of ineffectual goop. I had this slowly rising feeling of panic and felt terribly alone. So, not good. At just gone 11pm we decided I was going to drive up to see kissycat1000. She was ever so nice to me :) *blows a kiss at kissycat1000*

Interestingly she kept me awake by telling me not to snore just as I was dozing off. After she did that twice I couldn't get to sleep and we entered an interesting sleepy but horny but not sleeping state. This could have carried on most of the night but self-control and knowing all too well just how shit I was going to feel the following morning allowed me to break the cycle..

And now to try to bugfix why a network card will only get a DHCP address once it's got a static address... ?!?

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