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Should be working but..

Last night and this morning seems to have been the time to have chats with old friends. The one last night was very attacking and close-minded of someone I thought knew better. He has my best interests at heart, apparently. Oh, and happy birthday dylan :)

The other chat was to my step-brother olsw who has been having a tough time and coming to terms with a lot of things. We both left the chat feeling positive and I hope that he'll be able to come and visit me soon.

Have filled my time recently by fixing up computers for myself and kissycat1000 which has made me feel productive and good; chats to others reminds me I can still relate to the outside world which is comforting.

However, I am having trouble relating to my Project Manager, who sent back the documentation work I did last night with some review comments. Some were fair enough but others just didn't make sense. I've just got off the phone to him now, and he acquiesced to most of my points. Others were just pedantic things. Goddamnit I haven't got very far with the other document without being constantly interrupted so I can hold his hand through why I shouldn't be patronising the client with an explanation of what a "hash" is. I kid you not.

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