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Well I didn't think it would just go away like that. I've noticed I am still suffering from mood swings and tiredness. So, while and her kids went into town for a while I decided to go for a bike ride. This was in part to give the bike a stretch because it's been sat there since Thursday evening and I don't want the battery to decharge again, but also because I needed some time to myself.

I called in at the motorcycle place in town. There's a large service due, my MOT, the fuel cap needs fixing (to stop it letting in water) and the carbs cleaning, two new tyres and at least one silencer. All together that's well over £1,000. I am looking at perhaps trying to patch up the silencer to save some cash and go for just the basic service and safety check. I've not really decided what I'm going to do about the bike but I'll make a decision when it's been through the MOT.

Went shopping for odds and ends, came back and cleared up a bit.


I think I'll download some games or something. I don't even know why I typed this entry.

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