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Further thinking..

You know, after organising tomorrow with kissycat1000 it occured to me I was going to get to ride my bike again. This made me feel happy :) I quite seriously reckon half of my problem at the moment is I haven't had my bike around to ride. I realised I'd slipped and forgotten that there was this whole other exciting side of my life which involved taking my life into my hands every time I sat upon that dangerous machine. There's nothing quite as powerful as getting on the bike and surviving until the end of the journey to tell the tale. It makes travelling an adventure rather than a chore. The question is; which is preferable. I know the answer varies depending on my mood.

For someone like me who has a very well developed sense of personal safety it is a massive rush to ride :) Hmm, but sometimes I question my sense. A topic for another post perhaps.

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