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A long day

Well today has been a long day. Work was challenging, fixing loads of things and running around after loads of people. Then I spent most of the afternoon tracing down a bug with a work colleague, which was very demanding and tiring. She sent me a txt message in the evening though apologising for being difficult. Sometimes things like that can make all the difference :)

Kerry also sent me two txt messages, both pre-written ones. I don't mind though, I sent her one back asking where my email was ;). I'll give her a call in the evening when I'm not rushed trying to do loads of things.

I replaced the network card in gateway for an intel one; it seemed to have fixed it but it's been a bit glitchy. There were some driver updates, so I've installed them and we'll see how those go. If not then it's a case of rip out the motherboard and stick in the one that's currently in my CD-burning and scanning machine, which in turn means I need to do something about that *sigh*. It never ends, does it?

But anyway, also spent the evening fiddling around with this machine I'm trying to get ready for Saturday morning when my mum's lodger is going to come round and pick it up.

I will have some time for myself one of these days.. lol!

Hum yes goddesssnoweh wasn't a happy bunny tonight. Hopefully I helped cheer her up a little, feed her and give her coffee. Small things but perhaps it'll help.

I'm up late because I had a little nap when I got home. I set my alarm this time so I didn't do my usual trick of sleeping in until 2am and then waking up and feeling like shit for the rest of the day.

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