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An improvement?

Well, in my rambling way I am writing down some more stuff. Thanks all for your help and support, it means a lot :)

I've been able to make some plans which has helped my state of mind considerably. I'll enumerate them here not for anyone in particular's interest but to help me:

I chased up the job in Cardiff. The chap there (who I know fairly well anyway) said that the job description was for 4 years Oracle experience, but that that wasn't really the final description. I've got 1 course and 2 weeks experience. I think what's happening here is they already have experience of me and are willing to gamble that I'll be able to do whatever it is they want to their standards. Hmm, a good thing and a bad thing I suppose.

I also got an email through about the work I did for ntl: - the code failed some of the acceptance tests so I need to go back and look at / fix it. This is not a problem in itself - that's what the testing's there for. But, currently I still have this pool car. If I'm going to be working in Cardiff it would make utmost sense to hang on to the car and use it for that project. So, I need to hear from the Cardiff job later today to decide whether to take the pool car back to Reading tomorrow and take my bike back from stuartl's who lives near Reading.

If I still need the car kissycat1000 might use it as an excuse to get her trip to London in and give me a lift to Reading as well.

So, that's that bit planned and awaiting feedback. I've also tracked down my uni tutor to ask him for a reference for the security check I need to have to get work in GCHQ and filled in all the forms as far as I can until I get the references back. I might have to kill you all for reading this though...

Now all I need to do is chase a few other bits and pieces and I'll see about getting on with some documentation finally.

I feel more in control of things again - hopefully this will last and I'll be able to escape relatively unscathed from the nasty D.

I'm certainly looking forward to riding my bike again :)

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