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Apres my chat with my Staff Manager

Right, I had the chat with the Staff Manager, told him I was feeling depressed, was unable to do any work from home yesterday. Told him how it was affecting me and that I thought the major cause was the thought of working in Cardiff for the next 6 months on top of all the other work away from Bristol/Cheltenham.

He asked if it was just work that was causing it. I told him I couldn't be sure. He suggested a visit to the doc, which I was half thinking of doing anyway. At any rate now I'm sat here on the verge of tears. I feel out of control of my life at the moment and it's very.. humiliating, apart from anything else.

Anyway, his other advice was to check the job list as he thought the description was for someone with 4 years Oracle experience, which I don't have. I've checked and that might be the case, so I'm going to chase up the guy who offered me the role and see what he's got to say - it's quite possible he is unaware of my current skillset.

Excuse me everyone for writing all this minutae down but it somehow feels good to write it down.

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