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Oh dear, that friends comments meme

  1. I've known you all my life. I don't expect you're reading this. I've been thoroughly crap for the last.. long time. I make excuses with my job but that's not good enough. Not for you. I will come and see you. I love you very much :)

  2. I met you along with other goths on a night out in London. I must admit to not knowing much about you but you seem to like kissycat1000 well enough :)

  3. Stern strong but silent type I met briefly on the London goth outing. I added you to find you are surprisingly vulnerable in your journal.

  4. One of the crowd. I'm sorry if I appeared a bit forthright recently. I hope this doesn't put you off as I'd like to meet you all soon..

  5. My uber-geek friend from uni. You seem to have chilled out somewhat recently and maintain your individuality, but you're still not amazingly accessible. I'm sure our paths will cross again in the future :)

  6. You and I get on very well - you're so laid back and I look forwards to spending time with you when I can. You once told me I was a very close friend which I was very flattered about. Sorry I haven't had the chance to spend as much time with you as I'd like.

  7. Striving to get the quality of life he wants while having fun doing it :)

  8. You remind me a lot of my step-brother. I see his pain but your energy is fantastic. I want to spend some more time that's not too limited getting to know you better for mutual fun and profit. Sounds more dodgy than I mean it..

  9. My cheeky northern lass who I've got a bit of a soft spot for. You're so open and honest it's wonderful. I hope you find true happiness in whatever you do. *hugs*

  10. A friend of mine I met at a festival a long time ago but unfortunately didn't stay in touch with. You were young then but not so much now! ;) Hope you find happiness in whatever path you choose *hug* :)

  11. A friend of kissycat1000's that I must admit I don't know heaps about. I know you've been there for her in the past and for that I thank you *hug*

  12. You post so many thoughts going on in your head but I simply don't have a clue who you are. I'm not even sure I know for certain which gender you are, not that it should matter!

  13. An old uni friend who won't be reading this. Are you ever going to bloody add me you crap person?

  14. Another of the vee. We've got a fair bit in common and I'd love to spend a weekend chilling out with just you. You can stress about things but also grok some of the same ways I use to chill out. I don't really know how you feel about me.

  15. I don't expect you're reading this. A hard change of scene when your relationship came to an end, I liked you and tried (not very hard admittedly) to stay in touch, but then I'm crap like that. I hope you're doing alright. I expect I'll call you up sometime in a pique of madness and descend on you at a moment's notice :) You've been warned ;)

  16. I met you through an ex. I doubt you'll read this. I hope you didn't get too chewed up and spat out like the rest of us, and I hope you've found what makes you happy.

  17. I've only met you once, twice maybe. You think very similarly to me and your journal entries are wacky but fascinating. When you actually write write it's very entertaining in a good way. I really want to get to know you better, but will I ever get the chance, and overcome my shyness as well?

  18. I think I'm glad I was drunk when I met you and made you sit on my lap. I'm also glad your partner didn't seem to mind...

  19. A young 'un struggling to make her way into the confusion and hurt of the adult world. No need to rush, enjoy your journey :)

  20. Juggling a few emotional relationships is never easy. I like your emotive style. Another one of the other crowd. I hope to meet all of you some day :)

  21. A man just like me except more so. Have faith in yourself; a lot of others look up to you - me included.

  22. The man who has won the heart of the sweet girl. I'd love to meet you some day :)

  23. My strange fascination. I make loud sounds but shy away from actions. I think exploration is the key here. One of the crowd.

  24. You once described me as thoughtful. I'm afraid that was it but I follow your journal to see how you're doing :)

  25. I think we caught you unawares when we met you and you can never seem to decide whether to leave me friended or not. Still, we exchange the odd comment or three and I enjoy reading your journal :)

  26. We met once before you went back to America. A slightly strange meeting but you seem nice enough. I still follow your slightly angsty and frustrated journal..

  27. Miss you my old friend. Hope to see you flying high in August!

  28. A kind and generous man ready to help out a fellow biker. There's been a few interesting situations we've been in through our partners and somehow I don't think we've seen the end of them just yet! Glad to know you :)

  29. A well balanced individual who is slack in getting her bike back in working order! :p

  30. You have too many friends to be good for you! I think you run a stall in London.

  31. A man whose friendship depends greatly on his mood. I don't think he knows quite how much I value him despite his sometimes backward ways of doing things!

  32. Appendage to the crowd, but you interested me enough to add you. Befriending one of my friends seems to have made you privvy to some interesting discussions! I wonder if we'll ever meet, and under what circumstances?

  33. You are bouncy and sweet and everything I ever wanted. We've been through some amazingly tough times together and come out of it unscathed except for a deeper understanding of each other and a greater love to show for it too. I hope we continue to be happy together *kiss* :)

  34. Blonde, flirtatious and cute. You won't be reading this.. unfortunately. Shame we only got to meet you the once. I wonder if we'll meet again in Oxford.

  35. Pretty Trouble.

  36. You're a sweet girl and I'm flattered you took a shine to us all that time. It must have been very daunting at the time!

  37. A friendly and welcoming person. I'm so glad I met you two and look forwards to coming to the party - hopefully we'll spend a bit more time together!

  38. An old old friend who keeps her innermost self to herself. I wonder if she actually knows her entire self?

  39. A roleplaying friend who hasn't posted for ages.

  40. A man after my own heart - geeky, open minded and whose partner is in a similar situation to kissycat1000. Apparently we met once but my memory is shocking and I must admit to being thoroughly crap about realising who you were. Ah well next time we meet that shall be remedied. Preferrably over a lot of beers or whatever :)

  41. A random person I met on a random night. It was good though. I wonder if we'll get the chance to meet again :)

  42. I didn't get to know you very well before you departed for your mother country but I wish you all the best. You strange girl. :)

  43. Another of the crowd. You seem to feel at home with posting your natural emotions which is nice to see :)

  44. Friend of a friend. I haven't a clue if we'll get on - I feel you're different to me on a number of levels but have interests in common that might make it work. Being open to friendship, like me, is one of them :) See you when you get to Cheltenham :)

  45. Ah, my old friend. We've been through some interesting times of late, after not having seen each other for years prior to that. You know now that it hasn't affected our friendship, which is a good thing. Thanks for putting up with me recently *hugs*

  46. A friend from across the pond whose self-discovery captured my imagination and my fancy too. I hope you find happiness in striving to better yourself. I look up to you for that and hope to someday meet you and perhaps share some of that with you :)

  47. My thoughtful artist friend. I value your input and hope you find a balance in the work/home life struggle :)

  48. We met through some friends a long time ago and our laid back cheery style seems to keep drawing us together. We're quite similar in our life outlook in a lot of ways. Somehow we end up doing mad things together perhaps once a year?!

  49. I sit on your handiwork most days for which I am very grateful!

  50. Yet another person I just haven't had the time to get to know. You are kind and caring, and one partner of an interesting vee.

  51. My graphic friend who seems to be juggling a hell of a lot recently. Someone with drive and determination but even she needs a break from time to time. I'd love to meet you and give you a damn big hug.

  52. My cute friend. I don't know lots about you I'm afraid, but you live in my home town.

  53. An old friend from uni days. I liked you when I met you but didn't feel it was mutual until you left and have made a lot of effort to stay in touch. Makes me feel somewhat guilty. I'd love to come and visit you and yours at some point over the summer hopefully :)

  54. High-powered friend. We've helped each other and taken a fair leaf from each other's books despite our restricted contact. Inspirational. I hope you're happy now with another friend of ours :)

  55. You find it difficult to steer away from the path of self destruction and a lot of the time you take down those close to you as well. You have to understand that we'll protect ourselves, but that doesn't mean we don't feel for you and want to see you do well for yourself.

  56. You are in a very similar situation to kissycat1000, and you are a talented doodler of subject matter after my own heart! I love your oddball sense of humour too.

  57. Practising religious officiary. Glad to have met you, sorry about the random weekend!

  58. Wow. An old old uni friend from my wilder days. I keep meaning to come and see you again. I remember that you once told me the only reason you were interested in me was because I looked like a lion, but I wonder if you might share your fascinating mind with me for a while? Oh, and sorry for helping you to fuck up your finals ;)

  59. We all met looking for sex toys of all things. I think that sums you up - all that I know of you at least - along with the corset and nipple piercings.

  60. We've been great friends to each other in the past but we've both had our own lives to lead and unfortunately we just don't have time for each other. I don't worry too much about this as I don't feel rushed for time but I hope to spend some time catching up and seeing if we are still as open with each other :)

  61. Haven't seen you around on LJ for a while. Hope you are happy whatever you're doing. Would be nice to see you in Bristol again - perhaps we've just been missing each other.

  62. Aah, you've a knack of getting us into trouble but sometimes that's just what we need to feel alive. I value your friendship a lot and it's a shame I don't spend more time in Bristol.

  63. Bouncy person with the mad but entertaining journal. Visits Oxford and Bristol.

  64. Another one I'd love to have the chance to get to know as you seem like a top bloke. I hope you didn't mind when I grabbed your fiance and plonked her on my lap that evening!

  65. The aspiring alternative film maker. Hope your dreams are realised.

  66. I met you one evening as the partner of someone I vaguely knew through another circle of goth friends in London. I've not really got to know you but you post informative things which are appreciated :)

  67. I met you through an ex. I doubt you'll read this. I know you got chewed up and spat out but you seem to be on top of things now. I can understand why we've not always seen eye to eye but as I think you've realised I'm not actually a bad bloke. You're good friends with kissycat1000.

  68. I don't know you really but you're one of the crowd. You're going through a tough time right now but you seem to be doing the sensible thing difficult though it might be. I look forwards to seeing how you grow, and perhaps to meeting you one day.

  69. Minor? Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

  70. Ah my temperamental friend. You've been very good to kissycat1000 of late and have a heart of gold. I hope things are less fraught for you and yours in the future *hugs*

  71. Another friend of the London goth lot I met through a friend. Again, someone I haven't had the chance to get to know. I can't believe you shaved all your hair off - lost another one!

  72. My forthright friend and part of the vee. I know you helped kissycat1000 a lot. I love your playfulness and your no-nonsense attitude. *hugs* :)

  73. A northern lass with expensive taste I've known from close to the start of my time on LJ. I question some of your choices but hope they make you happy nonetheless. :)

  74. Miss eloquence herself. As you know from my comments I enjoy reading your posts. I'm SO sorry I was wiped out when you two came to visit. I hope to make up for that this coming November!

  75. kissycat1000 was quite taken with you but much to her dismay you're straight! You're lovely and bubbly and seem to have made another distant LJ friend very happy so that's great! :)

  76. kissycat1000 knows you fairly well. I'm glad you're both slowly getting your lives in order. Good luck for the wedding and hope for some smoother times ahead :)

  77. I met you that once at Alton Towers last year. You had a fondness for stuartl as I recall! Hope things work out for you.

  78. Another friend of the crowd that interested me sufficiently to add you. I must apologise as I've not had time to follow through my interest in your photographic hobby.

  79. Added you after you replied to a comment of mine on a friend's post. Your talk of minions sounds intriguing. I suspect there is a whole other side to you that you choose not to reveal in your journal.

  80. An old acquaintance as the ex of another old friend of mine. Shares interests in roleplaying and is a nice bloke :)

  81. I've never got to know you very well despite being in the same circle of friends, but you make my good friend happy and that makes me happy :)

  82. I've only met you a couple of times in club type situations but we've had good conversations enough. A fellow Farscape enthusiast.

  83. Meeting you is going to be odd - in a good way :)

  84. The mystery man who popped up on all our journals one day. Now I know why he did and I'm glad he chose to. I'm looking forwards to your party :)

In all of these it's blindingly obvious I haven't got to know or spend time with any of you anywhere near as much as I'd like. I feel honoured to know you all and call you friends. My life is richer for all of you - what more could a person ask for?

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