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Quick update

Spent Thursday morning moving my stuff back to Bristol on company time. I was moving stuff in the first place BECAUSE of work after all. Didn't do any work on Friday, despite not being sure I was on holiday. I'm sure they won't mind. I'm sure I don't really care. Instead, went to Bristol with kissycat1000 and les enfants to meet my dad, who'd called me on Thursday as he was driving down with my step-mum to see an old friend in Bristol. We had a rushed BBQ after fighting through the bank holiday weekend traffic on the M5 (oh for my BIKE! Damnit!), guiding in my lost father and going shopping for food.

Am quite shattered now as the kids tried to behave but J's going through a rather wearing stage of a pattern of bad behaviour that's difficult to shake. Tianna was her usual irrepressible self, although she was fairly good.

Thursday afternoon I had a meeting with my new Staff Manager and got confirmation of a £1000 pound pay rise from the salary review. I suppose that's about keeping up with inflation - I'm not complaining. Most people didn't get anything. Oh, and it's backdated. It'll pay for my speeding fine then..

Looks like my next project will be Cardiff for 6 months because there is still nothing happening in Bristol. However I might be able to hang on to the pool car which would make my life more pleasant.

So, I'll be getting the bike fixed up while working in Cardiff and enjoying the summer methinks. :)

Oh, and BLOODY HELL you buggers don't half write a lot sometimes! I had to wade through pages of friends updates despite being fairly up to date. But *hugs* to you all anyway :)

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