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15 years ago quiz...

15 years ago I was:
1. I would have been at a grammar school in Glasgow and not getting on with people 'cause of my (now discovered) autistic tendencies.
2. Probably would have learned that me and the whole family were due to move out to Jakarta, Indonesia... I had been on at my dad that all my friends had moved house and we'd stayed in the same house all my life. My comment was "Dad.. I meant halfway down the street, not halfway round the world!!!"
3. Family together, rowing (which I thought was normal) but afluent.
4. Was mostly in my own little world, but when I did think about the future I could only get worried about how the schoolwork was going to get harder, and how tough a job must be at the end of it all.

10 years ago:
1. I would have been at a private boarding school near Guildford, not getting on with people 'cause of my (now discovered) autistic tendencies. The other kids knew I was different and I got picked on because of it.
2. I would be about to make the transition from border into day-pupil, before missing most of my GCSE year due to psycho-somatic illnesses.
3. Didn't socially interact; merely studied other's behaviour and decide what was acceptable and what wasn't - formed my morals. Everything else was pretty chaotic though.
4. Hunkered down and longed for college where I hoped people would treat me better.

5 years ago:
1. I had got to Bath uni, and was in my second year! Was taking my second first year (after realising that physics with computing was all physics and no computing *grin*) - coping with the work fairly well, not doing as well as I had hoped but sticking with it.
2. Had gone completely mad for the previous year, having the equivalent of my adolescence and spending nearly all of my inheritance.
3. Was living with my first major girlfriend, enjoying it and getting comfortable with commitment (only to go out the other way later!)
4. Still didn't have many friends because I was quite different apart from a few very good friends like Rose in London. Had a few friends I knew through my girlfriend.

2 years ago:
1. Would have been in my final year at uni, struggling to get my final year project done and suffering from lack of money.
2. I had withdrawn into escapism and suffered mild depression, ignoring the second major girlfriend I had who I was living with. She wasn't mature enough to recognise what I was going through and didn't help matters by seeking the attention she craved elsewhere and telling me about it.
3. Felt disillusioned with the educational process, especially after having done a year in industry, I now saw my degree just as a piece of paper to enable me to get a good job.
4. My circle of friends had grown with a few like-minded people, but felt trapped as I wasn't allowed to even look at another woman let alone have one as a friend.. she of course was friends with exclusively men... I always did sort of wonder why I never really got jealous...

1 year ago:
1. Working in Bristol, living where I do now, having the time of my life being a social party animal in and out of work.
2. Enjoying having money and freedom.. still feeling cut up about splitting up with my second major girlfriend.. not really making up for it but slowly getting over it.
3. Would soon start wondering on the direction of my life having achieved all of my immediate ambitions.
4. Looking to further my career somehow.

1. Working and living in Bristol still, slightly refined my social interactions but definitely having the time of my life - even more so now ;)
2. Am very close to someone very special (need I say who? *grin*) who fills my life with happiness ;) (ugh pass me the sick bucket now!)
3. Rather short of money at present, but that's due to me trying to follow my (newly acquired) dream and ambition to get a motorbike and become proficient enough to ride around the world, either as part of a team or with a bunch of like-minded friends for the adventure of a lifetime :) Shame I've suffered a few setbacks on the bike front... I will persevere :)
4. Looking more extensively to shape my career into something that will give me more satisfaction and earn me more money :)

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