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An interesting survey, for once.

Age: Is insignificant. But she'd have you know she was 25 again again ;)
How many years between you: Hum, that'll be 2 years and 27 days then.
How long have you been together?: A matter that has been debated with no definite outcome. Since something started, approximately 1 year 6 months. Since we realised it was serious? Approximately 1 year 3 months.
How long did you know each other before you got together: Hm, about 4 months.
Eye color: Oh god, don't ask me awkward questions. Blue, getting more hazel towards the pupil, like mine.
How did you meet: Now this is an interesting one. The short version is through our mutual girlfriend at the time, goddesssnoweh.
How serious is it: Life changing.
Does she love you: Yes. :)
Do your parents like her: Despite her fears I think they actually do, yes.
Do you trust her: I trust that she means well in all that she does towards me. I trust that if our interests conflict I can tell her how I feel and she'll respect that as much as she feels is necessary.
Do you have a shirt of theirs to sleep in that smells like her: No, but when we were first seeing each other I did have a rather threadbare green angora sweater for a while which smelt of massage oils that reminded me of her. :)
Can you picture having kids with her: Kids.. hmm. She already has two of her own and the likelihood of our prodigy being autistic prevents us from thinking much more about it. Would I like to have kids with her if it were a viable option? I think so, but not just yet.
What do you like the most about her: I like the fact she understands the person I am and accepts it.
What bothers you the most about her: Her pride makes it very difficult for her to ever admit she was wrong. This is not a problem for her, more for those around her.
Does she have a temper: Yes, it goes along with her pride and some understandable paranoia about how loved ones treat her.
What is the best present they've ever given you: Allowing me to realise that there is someone who understands me.
Do they have a nickname for you: Um, probably 'pretty boy', although that's not really a name; she just teases me with it.
Do you have a nickname for them: Boringly enough, 'sweetie'. But then I call female friends I care about 'sweetie' too..
Are you happy to be with them: Yes. Very.
Do you think you could do better: No. But I could do different, and she would (in theory) be OK with that.
What's their most attractive feature: The way she moves, her smile, her personality. I just like the whole package, and different individual parts depending on my whims.
Do they smoke or do drugs: Only recreationally, no.
Do they have any piercings/tattoos: Yes - a navel piercing, a tattoo of the chinese symbol for 'female' on her lower right side of her abdomen and a labrys with a rose entwining it on her left shoulder blade.
Do they have any scars that you know of: Yes, just a mole that was removed though.
Is she a party gal or homebody: Juggling to be a great mixture of both.

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