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I think I'm going slightly mad..

It's just gone 3am. I hadn't set off on my bike to go and see gashinryu and blaadyblah at just gone 1pm when kissycat1000 called me. She was feeling a bit better and was feeling very frustrated at not being able to go anywhere, so I decided it would be best for me to come and see her instead.

I had cleaned and mostly prepared my bike, so I wheeled it back into the garage and set off in the car (I didn't fancy riding it back to Winnersh and doing a whole day's work as well).

When I got here we both immediately fell asleep until about 6ish. So it was probably a good idea I didn't go and see gashinryu and blaadyblah by myself anyway.

Then, in an effort to make some use of the child-free weekend we went out for a drive, settling on going up the hill for a short walk and relax while the sun was still out. Unfortunately poor kissycat1000 didn't even feel well enough for that. Then, wisely avoiding going to the cinema, we couldn't decide on a film to rent so we watched XXX which I haven't seen before. No, the film, not porn (for once) :p.

kissycat1000 went back to bed at the end of the film and I've been playing a bike racing game on the Playstation 2 and watching a trashy film on 5 called 'The Hunk'. Now it's Xena.

I'm tired but I don't think I can sleep. I wonder if I'll catch this bug. It sound horrible. Well, my sleeping pattern's going to be all mucked up, that's for sure.

kissycat1000 has just wandered in wondering where I was. She feels better but she has no energy. She won't eat at this time though. I might have another cup of tea.

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