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Noooooooo! :(

I called kissycat1000 when I got back to stuartl's this morning only to find that she has caught what Jordan had and what lee_chaos, allezbleu and probably squeeza now have. Not only is she ill, she's ill on the one child-free weekend she has a month. It's just not fair. She sounded understandibly upset and I could think of nothing to say or do to console her.

She requested I stay away as she just wants to curl up and die quietly in bed - at least she doesn't have any kids to worry about. I hope she gets better soon.

I called gashinryu and told him the news; I'm going to go around for about 2pm. I've put the bike battery on charge as it was completely dead. I wonder if 2 hours will be enough? I think I'll take the conditioner just to be sure - hope you don't mind stuartl ;)

So, a sober weekend for me, as I plan to call kissycat1000 later and if she's feeling a bit better I'll go and see her.

So for once I have time to get on with a few things like washing, fixing the bike and other assorted tasks. How strange..

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