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A quick update

The weekend was quiet, apart from going round to visit squeeza and fiendster on Saturday night with a few beers. Sunday we had a surprise visit from dylan and ghostpaw which was nice.

Can't believe we managed to polish off all 40 bottles that weekend; I took a few around to fiendster's that we drunk, but the majority of it was me. I don't think this is particularly good for either of us.

This morning I was very tired, and there were two traffic jams, the usual one on the A417 and then basically the last half of the M4.

I was walking around and realised my legs ache, and my back. I'm a bit mortified because I know why my legs are aching - it's from walking to/from fiendster and squeeza's on Saturday; my back is probably from the car. I need to do more exercise.

kissycat1000, if you'd like to, and your mum is willing, would you like to swap the Thursday nights to Wednesday nights so we can go out swimming again? I think it would do both of us a lot of good.

Drinking loads of sweet tea this morning to try and keep awake. I don't think I slept very well.

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