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Uplifting upgrades

Well today has got a lot better. In the morning my second 160GB HDD and ATA133 card arrived (that allows me to access the whole 160GB instead of just the 128GB of before).

Oops. Have car insurance coming up and 400 quids worth of bills as well as the 300 odd quid I've just shelled out on the new kit.. um.. I'm kinda very skint again *grin*. Oh well I'll have to pay the insurance in installments then.

Ric had come back from his long weekend away and it was really good to see him again. We chatted at length at lunchtime about some worries of mine and I decided to write a long private post to myself to get it all down somewhere as a theraputic aid.

I did feel a lot better after I had written it down. I hadn't really decided on a course of action, but when I next had a chance to speak to kissycat1000 the simple process of ordering my thoughts allowed me to articulate exactly what I meant in such a way that she wasn't angry or hurt; in fact I was even able to show her the private entry, which was great because it cleared up a few things and left both of us feeling a whole lot happier about things :) All I wanted was to be able to talk to her about it, and now I'd been able to do that everything seemed so much better. :)

Anyway I've got round to installing the new HDD - that gives me the grand total of 0.5TB on my gateway machine... WoooT! I am chuffed :) Although I fear that the 230W power supply is struggling with the 5 HDDs in there atm.. it hung once already. There is also not enough room for all the HDDs in there - they're floating loose atm anyway, so I will have to invest in a tower case and put my spare 300W power supply in it. Hope it doesn't die before I get round to that. Might have a look at tower cases in PCWorld tomorrow...

One last thing that I must say.. kissycat1000 doesn't often eat chocolate.. but tonight I managed to make her go and polish off the chocolates she got given for Christmas and it didn't make her feel much better... oops *sly grin*.

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