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Over a week?!

Argh! Still no time to do a proper entry! Still, thanks to everyone who commented on my last entry. Last week has involved a lot of travelling and having a nice time with kissycat1000, so tiring but fulfilling :) Been enjoying the new DVD player over the weekend.

Work has gone well. On asking I got offered a job by ntl: but the problem is they want me 5 days a week in Winnersh. That's one hell of a commute from Cheltenham/Bristol. The money is a lot better, close to what I believe I'm worth, but the extra would all go on commuting. Still, nice to be offered so readily in times like this, and comforting to know that I am worth what I think I'm worth. May still use this as a lever with LogicaCMG. Speaking of which, I have told my Staff Manager unofficially that I will not be taking projects outside of Bristol after this one. It's too stressful. This might put me in a difficult situation, but I might decide to transfer from Telecoms to Government division and get work in GCHQ, which will solve both problems, and get me closer to kissycat1000 AND get me a solid foothold in Cheltenham. Things to decide for definite.

Might do a TMI post later if I get the chance ;)

This week I'm hoping will be calmer. I still have computery things to sort out at 'home', but no stressful deadline for it all now. Looking forwards to some 'me' time.

EDIT: Would you believe I'm STILL being chased by Oxford County council for the parking charge? I got their County Court order recinded by my Statutory Declaration, so I can just keep doing that until they decide to do something else. On a similar vein, today is the day of my court case for my speeding offense. In fact, it should have happened already. Guess I'll hear soon, eh? More decisions to be made riding on my money situation and the outcome of the case over what to do about my bike, which needs two new pipes and some other work doing on it. Sell it, do it up or what?

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