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For those of you who might or might not know I've started work in ntl: in Winnersh. So far so good. As expected, I've been thrown into the deep end again. Instead of wanting the work done in two months they now want it done in two weeks. No real surprises there. I'm reasonably confident I can get something together in 2 weeks, but it won't be a proper job by any means.

What's confusing me is I met the team yesterday; they all seem youngish and fairly enthusiastic without being too in your face. Today, I came in at 9am. Now it's 10am and still not one of the 3 people I met yesterday is in. I knew one of them wasn't coming in until the afternoon but this is rediculous. I'm also waiting for FTP access to the box; hacking code is going to be a nightmare if I don't have that.

The commute in is not too bad, although there is quite a bit of slow moving traffic. On good weather days I think I might ride in on the bike.

Trying to sort out a fileserver in time for the BadgerLAN this coming weekend; stuartl is very kindly working on that as he has no work of his own to do at the moment. The Linux solution, EVMS, seems to lack the precise piece of functionality I want. There is a Linux version of Veritas Volume Manager but I have only been able to get hold of an older Win2k version so far. Tonight's experiment will be to install that and see if it does what I want.

I'm enjoying the change but last night went far too quickly with the washing, shopping and take-away.

Right, I'd better prepare for this meeting this afternoon I suppose. I'd better have another look around for my team too.

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