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Well, after taking Thursday off I found out this morning for definite that the Winnersh job is ON, starting on Monday.

I rather suspected this would be the case, so a bit of negotiating with kissycat1000 and I borrowed the car to go to work in. I sorted out all my paperwork including the pool car and then headed off to my home in Bristol and packed all my stuff. 3 computers, monitor, leads, harddisks etc.. oh and some clothes. Drove to stuartl's place near Reading and offloaded all the stuff and got back finally to Cheltenham a few hours ago. There was an accident on the M4 on my way back - I was not far from the front when the traffic all slowed down and there were no emergency services so I presume it had only just happened. My best guess is that the van that was upside down in the middle and fast lane must have clipped the back of the lorry with the broken rear bumper and flipped itself... Noone else was involved and there were people stood at the side of the motorway so hopefully no one was hurt.

I learned that I DO have a pool car that I can collect on Monday afternoon from Reading, which is good. Shame it couldn't be arranged a little earlier; it would have saved me all this running around *sigh*.

I've had to take all the computer equipment with me because I really want to get the file server sorted out before next weekend, which is the BadgerLAN. For those of you who don't know, BadgerLAN is a sporadic event held at my landlord chocojon's house in Bristol. We have lots of computers, a 32 port 10/100 network switch and a 1Mbit internet connection and we play LAN games and swap stuff. We have people coming from Bristol, Bath and Reading. If you want to come along just let me know. It's all weekend from Friday 4pm-ish, BYO stuff but keep it to a minimum as space/power will be at a premium! :)

Oh, and work have flung me in the deep end again *sigh*. I'm now doing this job (updating part of their Network Management System software for a planned hardware upgrade/rollout) by myself, as the guy who was going to go in with me has been sequestered onto another project. LogicaCMG want to get a foothold in ntl: again as they've had no work from them for the last year so this is a great foot-in-the-door opportunity. I just don't get paid enough for the work I do and the responsibility I have. Would people be surprised to hear that at my average rate of increase it would take me until I was 30 to be earning 30k?

I will start looking for jobs soon.

Oh, on a similar vein, I got a note through from my boss during the Cardiff work. He couldn't praise me highly enough. I'll add that to the collection then? Not that it'll do me any good.

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