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Well that was a turnaround

Work in Cardiff has ceased as of today. This is due to the fact that the presentation my boss and his boss made to the People Who Pay made them quiver in their boots and decide to abort that approach. There was vague talk of trying a different approach with Linux which I was interested in but one of the applications isn't available in Linux.

Anyway, I had a hire car as I was getting worried about my riding habits on the journey in to work - the bad weather and the wind threatening to blow me off my bike on the bridge. I forgot I'd need cash to get across the Severn Bridge today! I got turned around and had to do a 20 mile round trip to the second village I tried to get some money out before I could even get into work. What a nightmare! What's worse is that a colleage told me that once when they didn't have change for his £20 note they took his debit card and charged that instead. I guess they don't want to make it public knowledge that they can do that. Hah.This'll learn them ;)

The hire car was a Ford Focus 1.6. Not too bad on the spritely front for a 1.6, but it felt like I was inside an inflated balloon trying to control the thing. All the electronic gizmos trying to predict what I wanted to do and moving the car in their interpretation of my requirements. Damnit! I just want to DRIVE, not BE DRIVEN. So, I dislike power steering, injection engines and suchlike. Still, Ford seem to have sorted the stereo front, including a CD player as standard with 4 6x9s as well. The CD I'd burnt probably didn't help my sensible driving, but what the hell ;)

Trying to sort out the new role potentially starting next week, including a company pool car (a Honda Civic S 1.6 VTEC) at a cost of 36 pounds a month to me; but that's for a new car - no tax, MOT, insurance or repairs. All I have to do is put personal fuel in it. Not bad ;)

The other part of this is that I will be staying with stuartl in the week, which I'm looking forwards to. A change is as good as a rest they say :)

Life is bimbling along OK. I've got a few things to get sorted, computery things and of course trying to get a job in Cheltenham. Will start to ramp that up soon.

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