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The weekend: Naught to full in 30 seconds...

It started on Friday night when fiendster and squeeza came around for a good wholesome relaxing night of drinking and kicking back, which was much needed and much appreciated. I'd had a good day at work, having finally got on top of the project and accomplished configuring multiple schemas with my boss with little upset ahead of schedule. Our revised plan, considering that 6 of the original 10 days which was allocated to just configuring was instead used to get the box set up with all the requisite software, is only now 12 days long. All being well I should finish at the end of next week :)

Anyway, back to the weekend. kissycat1000 purposely left the child-free weekend after half-term open until the last minute as she didn't know how she was going to be feeling; whether she'd feel sociable or just wanting to recouperate. As it turned out she wanted to go out, which suited me too. A 30 second phone call to purrthecat and we had organised our weekend. We set off after leaving a message for whotheheckami to get in touch as we'd be in the area.

Stopped off at a shopping complex on the outskirts of Leicester. We were both quite hungry so we ate in the BHS restaurant. Later, my cold decided to descend on me from a great height. With some irritation I went into Boots and bought cold and flu relief tablets. What got me was that I was supposed to take 2 tablets, each of which contained 400mg paracetamol... that's quite a lot! kissycat1000 did the obligatory mooching around the clothes shops.

Arrived at purrthecat's where we were greeted by her, jessie_pup and of course Guppy their dog. I was able to have good conversations with jessie_pup which was nice as I haven't really had the chance until now. We affirmed our similar taste in music and I realise that he does think about things in a similar way to me. Got my hair trimmed by purrthecat, who was a little shocked that I should trust her with my hair. That's cause I trust you honey! *hug*

whotheheckami managed to txt me later that afternoon and I called him and arranged lunch at his on Sunday; hurrah!

We went out to Retribution, a goth/rock/metal club with three floors. jebuscrust met us in the queue having previously been in the pub with some friends. I'm told the queue was unusual; they seemed to be doing rather thorough searching. We had no trouble at all in the club at any rate. The bottom floor was playing Glam, middle floor had loads of pool tables and some non-descript fast stuff playing and the top floor had the heavier stuff. I took it easy as I was occasionally in sweats and dizzy fits (no comments! :p) stuff, even after taking two lots (1.6g paracetamol!!) of tablets.

kissycat1000 wore her rather nice patchwork pleather dress thing, which received complements aplenty. Judge for yourself:

This, along with some thoroughly un-PC behaviour saw us later scaring a few people in the ladies' toilets later on in the night *grin*.

jebuscrust was self-admittedly a little drunk but pleased to see us nevertheless, which was nice. jessie_pup, kissycat1000 and I sat downstairs and appreciated the old-skool music which reminded jessie_pup of his uni days, while we got entranced by purrthecat playing with her poi. Some slightly-the-worse-for-wear punters decided to try playing with their own homegrown poi, made from a couple of glowsticks on the end of UV-reactive string. This was all well and good except for 3 small problems. One, they were drunk. Two, the ropes were too short, meaning they ended up whirling them really quickly to keep them going. Three, they really weren't any good, and regularly ended up smacking themselves in the face or the balls much to the amusement of the rest of the onlookers ;)

Sunday we woke with the light gently and before we needed to, which was nice. A short relaxing morning with all was had before we got our stuff together and headed off to meet whotheheckami and the_mendicant for lunch. There was a bit of confusion over the directions actually in the village but we were early in any case.

It turns out we have an awful lot in common with both whotheheckami and the_mendicant, and we had a thoroughly good chat and scrumptious meal. One of their many mad friends' plane broke down (!) en-route to being sold so the_mendicant had to go and rescue them. We had to be back for 6pm which entailed leaving at 3pm to be sure. In the mean time we were plied with tea, coffee and good conversation. I must say we left well before we wanted to. I admire the balance they try to maintain in their lives, assuredly the result of a lot of hard work and necessity. I'm sure we will be back or have them visit in the future :)

I was sorry to have missed daemongirl, but time was short. Next time :)

The kids are back, time to prepare for tomorrow and relax for a while before getting an early night and starting it all over again *grin*.

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