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Thoughts on today.

The British legal system is completely mad. Today I went in to Cardiff County Civil Court to get an Officer authorised by the Judge to take Affidavits to witness my completion of a form. She offered me a new testament to swear on, to which she probably got a look half of scorn and half of surprise, because she immediately offered me the non-religious alternative, which involved me reading out a sentence substituting my name. I'm not quite sure what purpose that was supposed to fulfil or why I had to go through that.

I may as well have held my right ankle with my left hand, hopping, patting the top of my head with my right hand and been reciting the lord's prayer backwards as I signed the form in triplicate with a quill using only my nostril to hold it.

Anyway, I hope this means that they give up and go away. That will be one less problem to worry about. I couldn't relax or get to sleep for ages last night worrying about it all.

Today at work I managed to install two more of the applications, only the last and potentially most complicated to go. Then there is configuration or reconfiguration of them (I highly doubt the dubious installation instructions worked particularly well and so I will have to redo the configurations when I work out what they're supposed to be doing).

Tonight I'm going to post the forms I got signed today off to wherever they're supposed to be going, have a hearty meal and a couple of beers and relax for the evening. I might even plan to ride in to work tomorrow and then back to Cheltenham in the evening.

I managed to get on the earlier train as well so hopefully this will mean I actually have something of an evening as well :)

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