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I'm here on the Virgin train again, the one that goes through Bristol. I found a nice quiet carriage until it was invaded by something I cannot describe less than a horde of skater kids. All quite young and boisterous, I relaxed and enjoyed their excited idle banter, relishing the fact they did not share the reserve or detachment of most adults.

What was more amusing was when the not unattractive train manager came down to check the tickets and, predictably, one of them 'couldn't find his ticket'. She stood around not looking uncomfortable, but actually trying to suppress a smile. I think she actually enjoyed being the centre of attention for a group of 14 year old boys.

They played up to her a bit as well. It was fascinating to watch. Anyway, the boy did find his ticket in the end, just before they got off at the next stop.

I did try to leave work early today, having successfully installed Oracle 9i (having never installed it or any other Oracle before), but I was foiled by a late-arriving taxi. It turns out that the Wales-England rugby match is happening in Cardiff tomorrow, and along with Friday rushhour there is gridlock on the streets of Cardiff. I didn't arrive at the station until 20 minutes after the train had left. But I did get to chat to a very friendly Iranian taxi driver. We talked about cars, education, jobs. He mentioned the troubles in Iran in passing.

The carriage is back to its normal quietness, and I'm left to contemplate the rest of my journey back to Cheltenham, which will take at least another hour. I left work at 4:30pm and I won't get back before 7:30pm. This sucks. I'm beginning to consider riding from Bristol to Cardiff on Monday. I'll see how I feel.

Anyway, thanks to dylan for his help today; the moral support was just as valuable if not more so than the technical help.

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