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My plan to rescue the files from my ailing gateway machine worked well. I have everything bar one or two files that bought it, but they were nothing interesting. Now the cunning plan is to get all the working disks and make and extendable RAID5 array, hopefully under FreeBSD or Linux. stuartl, can you shed any light on the feasibility of using EVMS?

Meanwhile, today at work I have the joyous task of installing Oracle 9i.

Oh. My. God. I just saw a sign on an industrial unit the train just passed:


Damage Restoration Engineers

Fantastic :) "We've just fixed the place up. We'll get the Munters in to restore the damage again.." ;D

Don't like this commuting melarkey but at least I'll get to see kissycat1000 tonight :)

Haven't been able to keep up with LJ much recently. I know some people have been/are going through tough times. I'm thinking of you, if that helps.

Time for work. God I'm sleepy. The taxi driver arrived early, and I wasn't ready. I raced out and we left, then I realised I'd forgotten something. He asked if we should go back and I decided yes, it's not my bloody money. So we went back and I picked up my tea mug and sugar :D So today I will not suffer caffeine withdrawal at least. This is a Good Thing™

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