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[07:30] Well bloody hell. Here I am on the train going to Cardiff for the first time from Cheltenham, for the job that's only going to last two weeks. I'll believe that when I see it. Not only that, but the bloody train only goes through Bristol Temple Meads station as well..!!

I had to get up at 6:15 this morning, and I won't be back in Bristol until 8pm. I can just tell I'm not going to enjoy this commute much. Living to work. Not fun.

Oh - My - God. There's a plug socket next to me - laptops and mobile phones only. It's a Virgin Trains train. I didn't know they did that! Still, that's good. *goes to get plug*. Can I just say that plugging in something on a train is *the* *most* *surreal* experience ever. It makes a loud plugging-in type noise and you expect everyone to wonder what on earth is going on, but they seem oblivious.

I am also wearing a shirt, tie and suit trousers this morning, much to my disgust. I was slightly ashamed and slightly amused to see that I'd completely forgotten to polish my boots so they look really fucked up compared to the rest of me - I'm even shaved..!

I've been here 5 minutes and already I think I'm going to go mad. Although I do have a cunning plan, which should keep me smirking with it's ingeniousness long enough to distract me from the maddening boredom. My cunning plan is to persuade the project manager that the 20 quid a day I'll be spending on 4 taxi journeys could be better spent on buying a bicycle - over 2 weeks that's 200 quid. Well, minus the 40 I'll use before I have a chance to get one on the weekend. Ingenious, no?

[07:45] Aha, the ticket inspector. The final part to my plan - to check that these trains always have a guard's carriage that I could take a bicycle on. What? He's sat down! How could that be? I bet he's bored as well. I think he's doing something for someone.

[07:50] Hmm apparently I'd need to make a reservation. Not quite as simple as I'd hoped then *sigh*. God I'm tired. I might see if I can have a nap on the train. I should really read more of this documentation but it's putting me to sleep.

[08:05] A bunch of scripts and stuff. After I've installed all the applications. Should be fun..

Now for some rest.

[08:30] My mother just called sounding really sulky that she didn't get credited for suggesting looking into company employed solicitors. The truth of the matter is she did, but it didn't register with me until someone reminded me that the people there to help you out that Logica employed might well do legal things too.

Soon I shall call kissycat1000, although I'm rather disturbed to find my phone has not got a lot of charge. I hope someone in Cardiff has a.. wait, I do :) - oh, no I don't. A charger. Damn.

[08:50] We just pulled into Newport station. First of all, it's been snowing here.. it's like it's a different country or something *smirk*. And secondly - oh my goth - a tall long haird guy got on the train, wearing biker leathers and holding a black book with the title: Goth. Is that a sign or what???

[10:45] Well here I am in Companies House. It would seem that, as per usual, not everything has been prepared so in the brief interlude while they try to fix me up with internet access on the desktop PC I have managed to dial out on my laptop *grin*

What they did manage to tell me is that I'm basically being relied on to sort out this system, which incidentally doesn't have any software installed just yet (not that I even know what I'm supposed to be installing just yet). This system has to run 50 independent copies of about 4 applications each, to provide separate environments for each of the trainees. And the timescales are short. And the director of Companies House (about 2000 employees at a guess) is waiting to hear the results of my efforts. *sigh*. No pressure then. I'm going to get out of this job at some point.

Whatever. Things are moving. Time to post this and get on

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