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A decision.

I've done it. I posted all the information off to the courts pleading guilty by post. I should hear nothing until after the case is heard on the 24th March and then I will either get a letter back and my license back at some point with more points and a demand to pay some fine or other. If not then I will receive another summons to attend court where they will ban me for a period of time, which will be more hassle and nervewracking.

Anyone interested in discovering what I finally chose to write for my mitigating circumstances should read this:

I have held my car license for seven and a half years and my motorcycle license for one and a half years. During that time I have never had an accident despite travelling many miles in all conditions and therefore believe myself to be a safe driver/rider. I only started riding motorcycles recently as a direct result of my belief in my road-awareness and safe technique.

The incident on the 16th December 2002 was the result of a combination of factors:

- There are no speed limit signs anywhere on that stretch of road.
- The road is a dual carriageway.

This confuses road users and hence the average speed of most vehicles was 45-50mph. As a motorcyclist travelling through an underpass where visibility might be somewhat limited, despite the fluorescent strip I was wearing at the time, I did not feel safe travelling at the limit of 30mph.

The road and traffic conditions were such that I did not believe my actions were unsafe or that I was speeding needlessly.

My job involves travelling to a variety of remote sites where public transport is not an option. As I am struggling to pay off my overdraft of currently 1500 pounds I should be able to borrow money to pay any fines that I may incur as a result of this case.

I'm glad to finally get it out of the way. I just couldn't justify the angst and cost of trying to fight it despite public opinion definitely being on my side. I can actually change my plea to not guilty right up until the day before my trial should I choose.

Until then I'm just going to forget about it and concentrate on the 1,000,001 other things I have going on in my life and try to have some fun :)

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