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What an amazingly crap day.

Today can go down as a thoroughly shit day. No, wait, it can be shot down in flames. It can be drop-kicked from here to the middle of last year somewhen.

Basically, it's Bad.

Shit flying all over the place for kissycat1000. So. At least some of it is on the way to being sorted out.

I have the thing through for my court date - 24th March at 10am in some place near f'ing Exeter. So as it's a possibility I might be banned kissycat1000 has offered to come along in case she needs to drive me back.

I need to sort out a solicitor which I will do tomorrow I hope there's a chance the charge can be proved illegal, or at least I have several reasonable mitigating circumstances to count in my favour. I also have to fill in loads of paperwork, and the means test thing too.

I am SOOO not in a good mood. I have to go in to work tomorrow for the first time in a long while too. At least I might have a job soon, which I might not be able to bloody get to after all this. Fuckity fuck. Bugger bum tits bollocks.


I feel a little better, although I think my back has seized.

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