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Another late night entry

I appear to have an unexpected but most welcomed kissycat1000 in my bed. She came down as she had a kid-free night and she rarely gets them. We've had a quiet night in with a David Attenbourgh documentary on the evolution of mammals, up to human beings which sparked good talks. She's knackered and has fallen asleep. I'm still up listening to quiet music and listening to her gently snore while I write this.

I think I figured out that I have to be totally in control of anything creative I do or I feel like my input gets invalidated. This applies to many areas of my life and is important in helping me to express that and in sharing it.

I find it interesting to watch kissycat1000 going through similar things that I and most others went through years ago - and it's not as if she's not had life experiences but she just hasn't had a chance to do what she's doing before now. I was able to explain why I liked Tori Amos and also explain why she might like it, but right now she doesn't want to analyse it but just listen to the music and experience the emotions.

Finally things are beginning to feel a little more solid on all fronts. Now I have some hard work, in terms of job stuff and emotionally, dealing with being away from where I want to be for an extended period of time. I also have a load of projects to get on with, so life is filling up. Socially there are things on the go which are keeping me out of serious trouble (or perhaps in it, depending on how you look at it *grin*)

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