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Damn, I thought this would make me feel better :(

I thought coming in to work today would be good as I've not been going in but working from home, feeling worried about the state of my job. Now I've come in and everything is exactly the same, there are still no jobs, the headcount review marches inexorably onwards.

I feel worthless and frustrated by it all. Worthless because I can't get a job within this company in Bristol and frustrated because the little work I HAVE done has been saving project's asses, very important work but LogicaCMG only get a little bit of money for it. And money is what they judge people on when it comes to making them redundant. I know I can do the work.

I need to press on and apply for external jobs, but I'd like to actually get a reply. Perhaps I need to actually go in to the agencies in Cheltenham.

The trouble is at the moment I feel nervous about the entire IT sector; in some ways I know I'm lucky to even have a job right now, so all this is making me very very nervous.

There are jobs internally in Cardiff but that would mean 3 hours of travelling a day at best. And they want me for a year minimum.. I'd be happy to do it for 3 months. I'm going to have to seriously consider it anyway for my sanity and security.

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