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And the award for stupid o'clock goes to...


Unfortunately this post is the result of an aborted last-minute attempt to sleep both her kids round at my house. Jordan ended up waking up and singing to himself and banging the walls so kissycat1000 decided to take him and Tianna home. Sorry sweetie, at least we tried. It's possible as long as he doesn't wake up halfway through the night, which unfortunately can't be controlled. Still, Jordan sleeping round other people's houses does mean a glimmer of hope for our social life at least :)

Before you get worried kissycat1000 is hoping her mum will not mind looking after them at her house on a weekend once in a while :)

I'm feeling kinda tired but not sleepy and definitely hungry for the second time after bedtime. I'm sure I'm going to have weird dreams, which I won't remember.

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