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A morning of decadence and sensory fulfillment

There are other things I need to post about but for now I want to regail you with the tales of this morning, which has been very enjoyable and successful :D I do need to explain that the background and run-up to this has been stressful and upsetting. This started changing last night.

kissycat1000 and I woke up and had a nice 'relax' in bed, before we got up and I finished reinstalling her video/music computer for the umpteenth time finally with the right components so it is both silent and powerful enough to do all she wants. That went well and is running successfully :) Then I changed the spark plugs in the car and looked at the air filter, and decided that it definitely needed changing, so we drove into town and got the new air filter which I fitted at the parts place. I'm quite pleased with myself for doing all that - my history before now has been failing to change the oil by rounding off the sump nut!! So the car is running a lot better which is good.

Then, both of us being very hungry, and failing to get in to Waitrose last night decided to go now it would be open. It's a fantastic all-new building, kind of like an airport in the way it looks and is laid out. Inside it's bright, there is NOTHING to find fault with. I likened it to shopping in heaven. All the shelves neatly stacked, and none of the cheap crap. Being hungry of course this was a Bad Idea™ but we said what the hell and went around buying things like freshly sliced honey roast ham, freshly cooked french baguette, salmon with pasta and sauce, full-fat philadelphia and hand-cooked olive oil with rosemary crisps. We got back home and instead of eating the healthy things first dived into the crisps and ate them with Philadelphia. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmMMM! I can't explain how NICE that was :)

We still have loads of stuff and feel thoroughly decadent and really pigged out; we were giggling like naughty schoolchildren *grin*.


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