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The Weekend

Tired... tired... drifting.

Well now where do I start? Contrary to tradition I think I will start at the end. cryx and nemy have just left to go back to Egham and Swindon respectively after a fantastic weekend which involved clubbing both nights and general rioteousness and making-of-new-friends :)

On Friday after everyone (cryx, nemy, kissycat1000 and Sam) had turned up (Sam was already here) we went to the much-planned and exhalted club outing. We even managed to persuade Becky, a friend of Kt's, to come along. Burney and Jon and Kt were also at the house but didn't come along. It was expensive and not very good - somewhat empty. But the company was outstanding - I had the best night out in a club that I can remember for a long while :)

Oh, and there was a hardcore remix of the Imperial March tune from Star Wars that we failed to find when we searched on the internet for it the next day.. but we did come up with a few interesting alternatives.

Anyway we eventually all managed to get organised and get out for 'breakfast' by mid-afternoon. I was pleased to find that nemy shares my same passion for tea, and in fact was quite scarily on the same sort of wavelength as me in terms of humour, quotes from books, tv and films. He was even good to talk to :). Good luck with the head fuzz! :)

Well after that kissycat1000 went home and we had a little nap before heading up to Cheltenham for round two :)

This time we hoped to meet up with Ruth, Graham and Andi. Graham couldn't make it but Mark was there instead. He was quite drunk when we met him and I wasn't quite sure what to make of him at first, but he was quite happy to talk to me and seemed friendly so that was good.

We went on to Equals (previously Icon) in Cheltenham and had a great time with everyone meeting everyone else, quite a few of them for the first time. We all got on swimmingly, partly I think due to the booze and the great atmosphere ;)

There is one thing I will whinge about though - and that is the sound system on the middle floor in Equals. One speaker was practically turned off, and the other one was turned up SO much it actually hurt. My ears were ringing for the rest of Sunday..

However, Andi was gregarious and sexy as always and again the centre of attention especially when he came over when we were upstairs. I can't believe that earlier on the dance floor he told me that I was camper than he was! I was quite thrilled :) Ruth was in a great mood and kind as always. kissycat1000 has great taste in friends :)

Anyway, cryx drove us back in my car as she had kindly volunteered not to drink as she is following her diet thingamy anyway (and weekends are the only time I WILL allow myself to drink). Got home feeling the worse for wear as my hangover had graciously decided to kick in before I'd had a chance to quell it with copious amounts of water.. so tea was the answer of course, and nemy was more than happy to join me in a cuppa.

Slept in until 10am, when I woke up feeling like poo so decided to go back to sleep. Eventually hauled my sorry arse out of bed at 1pm when I realised that nemy and cryx couldn't leave until I had got up as a lot of their stuff was in my room. After lazing around in my room again in the morning with them and Sam and listening to some rather amusing versions of songs, we decided to go back out for breakfast, but that we'd try the Tobacco Factory, reccommended to us by Jacki our next door neighbour. It looked really nice - industrial look in a big spacious area, and was a fully licensed pub as well. Unfortunately they weren't serving food at 4pm when we strolled in, so we ended up driving around a little until we settled (read: I decided) to go to The Cottage, a pub on the waterfront which served good food promptly. I had a lovely steak and ale pie, and we had good conversation which I was surprised to find myself appreciating greatly and realising that the weekend had lacked until that point. In addition we all decided that we felt the weekend had been really good and a great uplifting experience for us all.

There have been talks of a reciprocal visit to London, but I guess that depends on timings, money and so forth as to who would be able to make it. I should go up at some point anyway, as I simply don't see enough of my old friends anyway. For all those who don't know, cryx is a friend of mine I've known since college.

Spent a large chunk of this evening round at Jacki's buggering up her BT Surftime internet connection - I think BT have some anti-fraud thing which has locked out her account when we tried to connect her son's computer to it as well. Feel a little guilty about that - hope she sorts it out alright.

Kerry, my ex, txt'd me at about 2am on Sunday morning. She berated me for not txting her. I sent her a txt back telling her that I did care and that she should email me.. I got another message from her on Sunday to the effect that they'd won the football and were quite drunk somewhere.. lol.. sounds pretty much like Kerry :)

I ought to say (in my geekiness) also that I managed in the last couple of hours at work on Friday to add 'includes' to the configuration file aspect of my program I've been writing. I was quite chuffed when it worked first time, no bugs :)

Well I would go and reply to everyone else's posts at this point but I really ought to go to bed, so I'll do that tomorrow.

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