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I'm back in the hotel again. Today was quite frustrating because I was waiting around for things to happen that were out of my control. The other guys were very busy on their stuff so they couldn't spare me any time to answer my questions. And at the end of the day, after all the waiting paid off and I was able to prove my concept solution they wanted me to hang around for another day to see it through, but I won't be doing anything they couldn't do - they're just using me because they are too busy to do it themselves. It's not like there's even a lot to do. Still, disappointing I guess rather than frustrating.

I even had time to read most of your posts! Amazing huh?

Still, the upshot is I may be able to leave at 2ish tomorrow (well today by the time I post this) so I might get home at normalish times.

I don't think I've heard anything back from the jobs I applied for so I may well ring the agencies in question and see if I can see what happened and possibly get my expectations set if I'm aiming too high. I could always just keep applying for loads of jobs in the hopes I get one but I guess I'm being a bit optimistic in this current climate.

I heard from kissycat1000 about Rob changing (ie. reducing) access yet again. What a low life. Proves what we all thought of him was correct - he was basically doing it for the money. Apart from my hostile thoughts towards him, it of course means life once again becomes yet more stressful for kissycat1000, as well as our relationship. I'm so glad that she managed to get it together and sort Jordan's sleeping patterns out as that will at least give us some peace in the evenings nowadays.

I'm going to see if there's anything more palettable on the box since I last looked when the only vaguely entertaining thing was a movie called Crocodile. Woo-hoo. *sigh*. Want to be in a familiar place and getting on with stuff.

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