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Oi! Deathboy! Naaaaaaaoooowww!

I'm sitting here listening to pretty (incapable) whilst getting stoned for the new year. "Why does this sound like Depeche Mode to a regge beat but with industrial instruments?" I said.

I think it's a valid question. Well Mr. Deathboy?

Oh, and don't listen to olsw, who has had to answer questions such as: What is that fourth creature in Space Marines? You know, the board game? It's got four arms with claws on going RAAR! Like the bit after Buffy. "Grrr! Aaargh!"... er. .no. So wait, which one is it? oh right, let's call olsw, he'll know. And what's that flappy thing at the back of your throat. You know the dangly one? Oh and merry christmas, I mean new year.

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