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It's true! Even the quiz that kissycat1000 and I nicked from dennyd says so! kissycat1000 is more of a geek than I am! She refused to post the results though, so I will on my journal *grin*.

I am a geek, and proud of it...
...for the Subculture Webquiz at said so.

kissycat1000 is 71% geek whereas I am only 65% *grin*. And this entry goes to prove it.. although she should know to save window grabs in GIF instead of JPG to avoid that crappy loss associated with JPG as most windows are only 256 colours anyway...

UPDATE: Following this post she's only gone and changed her grab to GIF!! OOOooh so GEEKY! Not to mention the fact that she's proud of that anyway *sigh*. My work here is done. *grin*

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