Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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I am a crap bloke. Messed kissycat1000 around with when I'm coming up to see her and feel bad about it.

Haven't been posting a lot; am on holiday at the moment and feeling crap and indecisive about what to do. I have stuff that needs doing, like Chrismas shopping (I SO HATE CHRISTMAS! BAH HUMBUG!), sorting out the linux machine to replace gateway as the internet.. um.. gateway and FTP server.

This weekend just gone was very enjoyable; went to stuartl's with chocojon for a LAN, then roleplaying on the Saturday and then more LAN. This was fun if quirky and I have eaten lots of crap and not slept properly. This has made me cranky and crap.

See my LJ entries become anesthetised and lifeless.

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