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Blasted dreams and disappointments

Well, that little 'nap' I took at about 7pm turned into a rather long sleep. Bugger. Ah well I will now tidy up and prepare my costume, but I will have to hoover/put the mattreses out tomorrow when I get back from work.

I feel bad about Colin - he obviously wasn't ready to hear what I had to say. Another misjudgement on my part. He handled it well, but it has a lot of implications. How will he relate to me now, for example? I hope he doesn't feel resentful, which he didn't, or at least I couldn't tell if he did (had he even decided by the time we finished speaking?).

Ah well at least Sam and Andy have just got up, so I can go and be sociable with them at least *grin*. Gotta work out how I'm going to handle getting in some more sleep before work later that will put my sleeping pattern straight but not leave me feeling shattered for work (or the club later for that matter!).

I am not feeling too worried about things tomorrow and for the rest of the weekend - there has been a bit of 'jostling for position' so to speak. I guess that's kinda normal, but we'll just wait and see how everyone feels at the time. I for one know that there can never be an uneasy situation around me for long *laugh*.

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