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Browned off

Well the office has just been hit by a brief brown-out; not enough to kill most of the PCs but enough to knock the lights out. All resumes except... the network switches. If I knew where they were I'd go and sort them out myself. But I'd probably get into trouble for it anyway.

So, while I sit here and procrastinate over tummy button fluff and the utter destruction of the universe I might as well write an off-line post. It's just shy of 10:30am now.. woohoo! It's back!

Ah.. looks like I spoke too soon. The network connection's back, but we don't seem to have access to the internet yet. Damn.

Anyway, my bike got serviced for £540. When they told me how much it was going to cost when I first went in there I joked that I hoped they'd clean and polish it for that price. So I was slightly bemused and then sick when I read the invoice.. it said "clean and polish machine". This means I've been charged labour at 47 quid an hour including VAT for a highly skilled mechanic to... clean and polish my machine. Urgh. I shall not be joking around next time it goes in for a service.

Aha, internet access is back.

Anyway, at least the bike is performing a lot better, and has a new chain and sprockets. I'm pleased about that because I was worried before. He did loads of stuff to the bike like getting the scottoiler working again.

However there are flat spots in the power curve; I need to get that looked at. I think I will go on the net and find a Triumph owners' forum and join some stuff and ask some questions.

I am going to be off work from midday 11th Dec, which is next Wednesday - just going to muck around 'till then 'cause there's not a lot of useful stuff I can do between now and then.

I have loads of stuff I should do, but I think I want to plan a last-minute round the country ride to visit loads of people. Well let's see how that plan matures. Anyone want me to drop in for a bit of a blast?

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