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I'm feeling bored and tense at the moment, but I'm not going to go into details.

Didn't get a great night's sleep on Friday night, but kissycat1000 and I spent Saturday eventually getting up (I was recalcitrant) and going shopping, and afternoon clearing up her dining room and wiring in a new phone extension to her bedroom for the new phone she has.

Saturday night's sleep was even worse and I ended up riding back to Bristol just in time for lunch at the pub and then on to the Computer fair. They only had one full-tower case that wasn't quite what I wanted and too expensive as well. However I did thrill Mat by taking him on the back of the bike.

dylan has moved in to chocojon's house; it will be nice to see a bit more of him although I fear our timings are going to be a bit off.

This month is going to be expensive (again) as I have just realised I am overdue for a major service to my bike, as well as the car needing significant work doing to it. Don't forget Christmas as well, which I haven't started in earnest yet.

I have sent another letter to Oxford council about the parking notice I received in June. I wonder where this is going to go now?

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