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The Update

Haven't done a WhatsGoingOnInMyLifeThen[1]? update for a while.

As you can tell, I'm relaxed, which is a good thing. I've finished working in Winchester which is a relief; no more herculean adventures just getting there. Am back in the office taking two days to catch up on the latest in terms of the merger that Logica are going through at the end of the year with CMG, submitting my expenses (I worked out I'm owed about £100 in per diems after expenses and £200 in mileage *grin*) and searching out opportunities. The slight worry is that if I don't engage myself I will find myself doing data entry.


You read right. Data Entry.


Apparently it hasn't occured to Orange that they could hire temps for this job instead of paying expensive-company-contractor rates to Logica. But apparently we're that desperate we're grateful for the revenue; even if we are only being charged at nowhere near our normal charge rates.

Other things that have changed in my absence:

  • A new proximity card access system. This is cool because I now no longer have to try and dig out my card, I just wave my bag with wallet with card in near (very) the door and it opens - magic :).
  • There are once again office plants! This is due to Logica closing the other office that was in Bristol and the other managers moving back in. Of course they got to keep their plants when the great cost-cutting revolution came around. Our plants were the first against the wall. Class systems invade corporate politics in a very tangible way.
  • A paper shredding machine. Oh the opportunities for abuse ;)
  • The tuck box that operated on the honour system was.. dishonoured. It now resides down by reception rather than the kitchen, negating any convenience benefit it once had. It now gets used rarely in preference for the local shop. No surprises there.

Other than that, last weekend I did neglect to write about due to recent events, so I shall rectify that now :)

I roleplayed on the Saturday and actually stayed awake for once due to rearranging my sleeping patterns on the Friday night. Afterwards gave Burney his first ride on a motorcycle to both turn up at aeia's for drinks and films. As I was riding for me it was just "and films"[3]. I saw jessica_phoenix and wendles again and actually remember meeting hirez and cybershawn. Apologies to the rest of the people there; I didn't have much chance to interact with you :/.

Took Burney home and played Warcraft III against goddesssnoweh with a little help from eze[4] until 4:30am or so when she finally beat me. Crashed and burned.

Sunday went to Lunch and unavoidably to Winchester on Sunday night to work on the Monday. The rest, as they say, is history.

More recently, we went swimming and then to the health spa with fiendster and Louisa. After a knackering swim and rather too relaxing sauna and jaccuzi we went back to kissycat1000's where we proceeded to get very very drunk. This was a great laugh, right up until an unfortunate incident involving a pair of jeans. Luckily I hear this is to be resolved amicably with only a little bit of pain and expense and so the world can resume breathing.

I was feeling decidedly ropey this morning and dragged my heels getting into work but it has been a good day. I'm ready to go home and sleep now I think!

[1] - WGOIMLT: Home of Unpronouncable Acronyms for Useless Things[2]
[2] - HUAUT *grin*
[3] - Take that in context with what we were watching and aeia's post on the topic for a cryptic bit of in-jokery.
[4] - (or should that be "anon: EzE"? *grin*)

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