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An improvement

Well last night neither kissycat1000 nor I could sleep. Me because I had continuous scenarios running through my head with the associated mix of emotions and kick of adrenaline, and kissycat1000 because I kept her awake by talking to her. Sorry about that :/

This morning when Rob dropped off the kids it was a different story. He dropped them off and he was polite but distant. The taxi driver to pick up Jordan was there; I wonder if that had any effect on his behaviour. Still, we're sat here thankful and slowly trying to relax.

We're going to look at all the options we have available to us because not communicating about the kids is unacceptable, but on the other hand a repeat of last night or worse is unacceptable. So we're going to see if there is some sort of mediation service or maybe use a system like Jordan's school where they have a jotter in which they keep notes on Jordan's progress and it gets sent home with him every day; the parents can write notes back as well.

I think stuartl is right, the communication method has to change but it still has to happen.

Thankfully I felt a lot calmer this morning before Rob arrived than I did last night.

I don't believe it is normal that the police should be called when a father comes to pick up his kids. I don't believe Rob was acting in a responsible or rational manner. I don't believe the kids are safe when he gets stressed. I hope we never have to go down any path that this line of thoughts implies.

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