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Utterly unbelievable

I don't know where to start with this one. Today I was feeling shitty as per the earlier post. kissycat1000 tried to get hold of Rob on Sunday (see her post on Monday for details) to discuss the CD issue and also to find out about arrangements for Christmas, as my family have been inviting us and so forth.

So, frustrated at not being able to get hold of him on Sunday she left a balshy answer phone message. This must have aggravated him somewhat as when he came around this evening he started talking about the CD issue. The argument escalated based around the fact that Rob was adamant that he would destroy any 'filth' he found in his house regardless of whom it belonged to, and kissycat1000 was adamant that he should confiscate it if he felt it necessary but return the property to it's owner at the end of the visit.

This argument was conducted over the doorstep with kissycat1000 holding onto Jordan as she wanted to finish the discussion with him and come to some sort of conclusion. Eventually Rob got fed up with this and grabbed Jordan and tried to haul him physically from kissycat1000. Jordan was at this point screaming that it hurt and was very visibly distressed. kissycat1000 being far smaller and weaker than Rob obviously ended up letting go.

I was shocked by this point that this was going on and Tianna was already crying and showing signs of distress; not knowing where to be and obviously wanting Mummy and Daddy to stop fighting.

kissycat1000 said did he want to have to end up fighting for access to his kids?

I had said nothing up to this point but when Rob started swearing and cursing in front of his kids I spoke up in an angry voice and said "What was that about swearing Rob?" (in reference to the whole argument over the CD) to which he replied "I don't even want you in that house!" - I said "That's not your decision!".

As Rob went to put Jordan in the car kissycat1000 told me to call the police and got in the driver's seat and locked the doors so she could finish talking to him before he left. He managed to get in the door that Jordan was in and some loud words were exchanged in the car as I was on my mobile to the police. At one point while I was on the phone Tianna came up to me upset and I put my arm round her. The 999 operator had put me through to the police helpdesk by this point but the woman was explaining that kissycat1000 had no right to prevent Rob from seeing the kids. It was when Rob climbed in the front of the car and was practically on top of kissycat1000 and I said that she looked like she was being assaulted that the operator said the police car would be round there as soon as possible.

Rob and kissycat1000 had got out of the car and we waited not more than 5 minutes for the police car to arrive in which time they tried to calm down Jordan.

The police came and we went inside and both kissycat1000 and Rob were questioned separately. kissycat1000 had the option to press charges for common assault when he climbed in the front of the car and tried to eject her by pushing her against the door window with his hand on her shoulder and neck, but she declined. She did however want it to be on the police records in case a custody battle does ever ensue and Rob given a verbal warning now.

Rob has had dealings with the police a few times before and was not cowed by this in the slightest. No, he was an insolent lippy bastard to them and asked them if we'd told them the circumstances under which the assault had happened. They replied that it didn't matter as assault was still assault wherever it happened, and that it wasn't a criminal offence to attempt to lock someone out of their car.

I stood in the doorway to the kitchen where Rob was being questioned later on and he stared at me and eventually said "And?" to which I gestured non-commitally. He asked for the rest of the interview to be conducted outside which was fine by us as far as I was concerned.

The rest of the evening we spent round at fiendster and Louisa's and tried to unwind somewhat unsuccessfully, although their company was just what we needed at a time like that. I am just completely beside myself with anger and dumbfounded at his stupidity and small-mindedness. He really is the most stupid arrogant stuck-up self-defeating misguided waste of space I have ever known. He does nothing to help himself or anyone he cares for. He should have a lobotomy and his brain donated to medical science so they can screen his 'stupid gene' out of the future of the human race. I don't believe in screening by genes but in this case it's more than justified.

Calming down, I just want to make sure that this can't happen again. I don't want kissycat1000 or I to live in fear of our health, the kids' health or wellbeing or our property because of the actions of that incompetent excuse for a human being.

Can you tell this is personal yet?

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