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Arsebuckets and frollockings

Damnit! I had started typing a nice long entry and when I turned back round it had gone. Just a nice blank update page. God knows what happened to it. I think this computer hates me. Ugh.

I was just saying how ill I am due to riding to and from Winchester and Cheltenham, that I hadn't updated in a while. The weekend was great, met some new friends: sushidog (now I know who diffrentcolours is talking about!), tinypsychotic who I didn't recognise from Intrusion on Tuesday (she had her hair up OK?!) and of course sarcaustik who it was good to meet finally :)

We kicked up a storm in several places in Oxford but kissycat1000, diffrentcolours and sarcaustik have all written longer and better entries about it than I now feel like doing.

I'm supposed to be working now but feeling like crap and supposed also to be riding back to Winchester tomorrow morning for another 2 days work but I just don't feel like it right now. If I feel like this later I will call it off and actually take a sick day.

Hmm. In fact that sounds very tempting. I think I will do that, tell them I haven't managed to do much today and then take tomorrow off sick. Hopefully that will allow me to get over this cold. I'm off to watch some daytime TV then. Oh, and take more painkillers and drink ever-reviving tea.

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