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Now then now then..

Well my journal has become a bit random of late! I'm working from home again *ahem* at kissycat1000's of course, but I don't feel like doing much right now. Isn't LJ a wonderful (terrible) distraction? ;)

kissycat1000's popped out to drop a form off in Gloucester. Jordan was returned shortly after leaving for school this morning as the school has a power cut! This has somewhat disrupted kissycat1000's plans for the day. No matter, it shall be overcome :)

A brief rundown on events since the weekend: Work wise for the first half of the week I had been doing not very much as I was waiting for test data. Of course needless to say I didn't get it when I was promised it. When I went down to Winchester on Thursday (yesterday) I rode there in the morning and back in the evening. More on the ride later. I got the test data 2.5 days before the end of my time, and they wonder why the program is not going to be ready in the 20 days??! Still, I think people are going to back me up on this so I'm OK. Stressful though.

The ride was not so much a commute as an expedition in itself! Strong gusting crosswinds, rain, glaring sunshine that made my eyes water.. you get the picture. On the way back there was no sun and wind; the rain did start up at one point and I stopped to put on my waterproofs for the second time that day then decided I really couln't be arsed. Later on, two lorries decided to sit alongside each other blocking both lanes of the dual carriageway so I ended up riding between them! Another incident riding off from some traffic lights and I went gingerly around the corner before the long straight and some car on the inside decided to try his luck! I was slightly shocked when as I opened it up to close to the rev limiter up to second and then third up to 80mph he was still just about with me! I did eventually leave him well and truly behind when I next looked after hitting 120mph ;) Also discovered that my bike will nearly do 140mph and that's with all panniers etc.. oops!

We took fiendster and his wife Louisa to Intrusion on Tuesday night. The music wasn't terribly good and the sound system sounded terrible (too loud and very badly balanced) in comparison to the Blue Mountain on Saturday night. The car decided to have Problems. This was not good. Luckily they weren't terminal and we were able to get to Oxford and back and see diffrentcolours, jessica_phoenix and Rachael and meet minigoth and a random guy called Matt.

Things seem to be improving in all, balance is returning but still needs to be worked on. I have things I need to get on with like some stuff for my Mum and computery type stuff.

Looking forwards to putting this job to rest although there have been murmurings of further work for me to do in Winchester. I'm going to see if I can suggest someone more suitable for the job so I can get on with doing stuff in Bristol; this will give me more stability and regularity.

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