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Reflective/Introspection (healthy)

I was talking to jessie_pup last night and realised and admitted to him that I felt.. 'unbalanced'. I was just thinking about kissycat1000 and realised I was able to express that better and that it probably applies to her too right now.

I told kissycat1000 I felt unbalanced at present, due to the events of the last few weeks. Going out to meet new and old people is quite weird; as I didn't feel very strong at the time (but nor did I feel particularly weak) it affected me a bit.

So, what is true in all of this is that we have to stop living for other people and live for ourselves a little more. When I feel like that I need time and space to myself and usually play escapist computer games or hang around with equally 'safe' friends depending on my mood.

Then, when I have my strength back I feel ready to tackle new friendships, to give out a lot of energy without needing much in return. Recharging of batteries in the emotional sense, recentering in a focussing sense.

Yes/No/Different anybody?

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